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S-15 (Semi-automatic)

S-15 (Semi-automatic)

S-15 (Semi-automatic)

  • auto-priming
  • low entry level
  • direct drive
  • silicon sand filled double casing
  • peeler tube, backflow head 5 m
  • flow rate up to 150 l/min

With this model, optimum filter fineness can be achieved – depending on the flow rate, up to 1 µm. Solids are drained manually. Thanks to the robust design (double jacket, direct drive, double mounting), this model is also suitable for use under extreme conditions. The self-priming design principle, in which the fluid is drawn in directly through the lower open drum, provides decisive advantages:

  • High separation capacity, as the fluid enters the centrifugal directly, avoiding swirling
  • Low sludge residue moisture, as residual fluid flows downwards before draining
  • Flexible use, thanks to low inlet height (16 cm) and return of cleaned fluid at approx. 0,5 bar pressure, mobile system

Thanks to special materials, use in aggressive media (90° C, pH 1-14).

Application: Fine cleaning of industrial fluids, usually with receiving volumes of up to 15 m³, for example coolant lubricant emulsions and oils, surface treatment baths, washing or vibratory grinding fluids, etc. The separator S-15 is also available in 3-phase version (simultaneous separation of a light secondary liquid phase, e.g. tramp oil).

Teknik Özellikler

Power: 5,5 kW
Rotor volume: 15 l
Sludge capacity: 12 kg
Volume flow: 160 l/min (9,6 m³)
Acceleration: 1960 x g



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